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  • KUVO is a social platform that allows people to enjoy the nightclub experience regardless of
    whether they are physically in a club or not. Realtime tracks and playlists will transport you into
    clubs around the world. All Club and DJ information is available online creating a richer media
    space to discover dance music. This allows greater interaction between the clubber, DJ and
    nightclub As an innovation leader in club culture,Pioneer DJ has created a virtual experience for
    the next clubber generation. Follow your favorite DJs and clubs, upload your pictures and connect
    to other clubbers who share your passion for music.
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  • NOW PLAYING Check information in real time about the DJ and the
    track that is playing in the club that you are in or in
    clubs around the world. You can even preview the track
    and download it right away from an online music store
    You can also read the profile of the DJ playing and read
    messages from the DJ and the nightclub.
  • GLOBAL TRENDS ON MUSIC AND DJS By counting the total number of times that the DJ or
    track like button is pressed by clubbers worldwide, the
    Trending function allows you to discover big hitting
    trends and new inspiration from around the world.
  • PAST AND PRESENT TRACK INFORMATION The Search function lets you to check songs that a DJ
    has played in the past, songs that your favorite DJs are
    playing, and songs that were played at an event you
    went to in the past.
  • DISCOVER NEARBY CLUBS By revealing the location of DJs and track information
    on the Club Map you can quickly find nightclubs playing
    the music you want to hear. You can also check
    messages about upcoming events at nightclubs and try
    new songs as it links to the Now Playing function and
    nightclub information.

  • SHARE MOMENT If you download the KUVO app, you can use the Photo
    Album function, which stamps the nightclub name, DJ
    name, and song that was playing when you took the
    photo. It stamps the information at the time the photo
    is taken so you can vividly capture the moment. You can
    share photos with them or post to social medias sites.
  • A CLOSER CONNECTION KUVO provides DJs worldwide with a new innovation.
    Through interaction between the DJ, clubber, and nightclub, you can more directly feel the audience’s emotions and desires, as
    well as meeting clubbers registered with KUVO from around the world. You can experience a climax like you’ve never felt before
    with clubbers and have the experience of a lifetime!
    By registering with KUVO, the information about the songs
    that you play, your profile, and messages will be sent faster
    and more reliably than any other medium to clubbers and
    music fans worldwide. Not only can your music and the
    music you play be sent to clubbers and your existing fans,
    but it can also be sent to music fans around the world. By
    participating in KUVO, information about the music you’ve
    just made can also be sent easily and quickly to people
    throughout the world.
  • A WAY TO MAKE NEW FANS This is an opportunity to get clubbers worldwide to know
    about your music by sending them your profile, messages,
    and website URL with information about the music you
    play. By making new fans, clubbers around the world will
    know about you and come to listen to you play at clubs.
    Furthermore, the photos that clubbers take of you while
    you are playing will have your name and the song you
    were playing stamped on them, which they then show to
    their friends through social media, allowing you make
    even more fans.
  • SEE CLUBBER REACTION You can easily check clubber reactions to your performance
    on automatically generated playlists from the rating (likes)
    they give you. This is important information that you can
    use to help you to become abetter performer.
HOW TO JOIN KUVO 1. Create an account through KUVO website and receive your account key.
2. Copy your account key and your music to the USB storage device or a SD card.
     * For rekordbox users, import your account key to the rekordbox.
3. Play at the KUVO-ready club.
     * Check “Configuration Guide” for further details.
  • ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCE KUVO provides nightclubs worldwide with new value.
    Through interaction between the nightclub, clubber, and DJ, you can more directly feel the customer’s reactions and desires, as
    well as learning trends from clubbers registered with KUVO from around the world.
    Clubbers from around the world can also learn about your nightclub.
    To continue to be a nightclub that satisfies its customers and provides great service, get KUVO!
    Information on the music being played, messages from
    nightclubs and DJs, and links to designated pages are
    delivered to clubbers who are planning on going clubbing,
    and exciting information that makes people want to go
    clubbing is delivered in real time. This brings new
    customers and increases repeat customers. Furthermore,
    information about the club and DJ is delivered via social
    media using the Photo Album function that stamps the
    names of nightclubs and music information on the
    photos taken in the nightclub by clubbers while the DJ
    plays music, thereby making it possible to obtain more
    fans and potential customers.
    By easily spreading information about nightclubs, DJs, and
    music worldwide, clubbers and music fans all over the
    world can learn about a nightclub. Creating awareness of a
    nightclub to clubbers contributes to an increase in
    recognition and spreads the nightclub’s profile.
  • SEE CLUBBER REACTION Based on various information accumulated using KUVO, it is possible to plan and run events that customers will enjoy more than ever. Various data that has been accumulated from nightclubs all over the world, such as what song was played when/by who/where, access record of clubber/music fans, and evaluation of DJs can be used. In the future, a highly valued KUVO service using this analyzed data will contribute further to the prosperity of nightclub management and culture.
HOW TO INSTALL KUVO 1. Obtain your KUVO network gateway.
     How to get the NXS-GW? Click here
2. Connect the KUVO supported product and KUVO network gateway, and access to
     the internet.
     * Check the “Configuration Guide” for details.
3. Create an account through the KUVO website and register your profile, etc.