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  • KUVO is a platform that allows more people than ever before to enjoy nightclub culture regardless of whether in a nightclub or not. By bringing the DJ and club online and utilizing real time information, Kuvo creates a richer media space to discover dance music, allowing the clubber, DJ and nightclub to interact.
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  • WHAT IS THE KUVO APP? You can easily find out information about the DJ, nightclub, and songs being performed around the world anytime, anywhere. If you use KUVO, you can find new nightclubs, DJs, and dance music that matches your taste.
  • NOW PLAYING You can check information in real time about the performing DJ and the song that is playing in the club that you are in or in clubs around the world. You can try songs based on the song information and purchase songs from the music provider using the link. Not only can you get information about the song, but you can also read the profile of the DJ playing the song, and read messages from the DJ and the nightclub.
  • PAST AND PRESENT TRACK INFORMATION The Search function lets you to check songs that a DJ has played in the past, songs that your favorite DJ is playing, and search for songs that were played at an event you went to in the past and songs that you like.
  • DISCOVER NEARBY CLUBS The Club Map function displays information about DJs and songs that are currently playing in various places, which allows you to efficiently find nightclubs that match your mood and are playing songs you want to hear. You can also check information about upcoming events at nightclubs and listen to new songs as it links to the Now Playing function and nightclub information.
  • SHARE MOMENT KUVO has the Photo Album function that stamps the nightclub name, DJ name, and name of the song that was playing when you took the photo. The information at the time the photo is taken is kept so you can vividly remember the enjoyable nightclub scene. Furthermore, you can send a photo you took as is or post it to social media sites using the Share button.