KUVO brings your DJ booth online to provide accurate track data to clubbers and music rights societies. Clubbers can use kuvo.com or the KUVO app to follow DJs and buy tracks. Music rights societies use the free data we give them to pay fairer royalties to their members.

Application Form - For Clubs

Thank you for your interest in KUVO.

You will need a KUVO gateway hub (NXS-GW) to use KUVO.
For a limited period, we are supplying the NXS-GW box free of charge
to clubs and bars that meet our criteria.
Please only apply if you are a manager or employee of a club or bar;
we do not supply NXS-GW boxes for personal use.

We will contact you to confirm if your application is successful.

The application form is not available in some countries or regions.
Please select your country first.

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Pioneer DJ Player model # :
CDJ-2000NXS Platinum Edition


If I do not create my KUVO account within one month of receiving the NXS-GW, I will be responsible for returning the NXS-GW and paying for the return shipping costs.
I will be liable for any after-sales service including repair.


Privacy Policy

Use of personal information

We will only use personal information collected on this page to send you the NXS-GW. We will securely store and manage any personal information you provide, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.