We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s uploaded their DJ mixes to KUVO.

As we previously announced, we’re running a special promotion for selected users who added their mixes during a specified period.

We picked 10 DJs and asked Daisuke Ito – a writer for various music and culture platforms including Resident Advisor – to describe their mixes. His comments are now visible on KUVO.

Through KUVO, we aim to create a community within the club scene where dance music lovers of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities can make connections and discover new talent. By using and contributing to KUVO, you’re helping to make this happen.
KUVO β版公開キャンペーンへ沢山のDJミックスをお寄せ頂き、ありがとうございました。

本ページでは、キャンペーン期間にお寄せいただいたDJミックスの中から特に注目すべきものを選定、ご紹介します。DJミックスのレビューには、Resident Advisorなどにも執筆しているコンテンツクリエイター”Daisuke Ito”さんにもご協力頂きました。



音楽専門雑誌の編集者を経て、現在ではフリーランスとして書籍の編集や音楽メディア、カルチャー系メディアなどのライティングを行っている。学生時代から長年、クラブに通ううちに、ダンス・ミュージックにも精通。アンダーグラウンドな音楽を中心に、徹底して現場主義の目線を取り入れた記事作りを心がけており、Resident Advisorでも数多くの特集記事を担当する。

Freelance writer Daisuke Ito has a background in editing magazines, specialising in acoustic/recording technology. He now writes for numerous music and culture publications and websites including Resident Advisor, employing his deep understanding of underground dance music – which he’s been involved with since he was a student. As his knowledge and passion for club culture has grown over the years, Daisuke has weaved it into his writing. The result is work that’s equal in intimacy and impact, coming straight from the inside of the scene.